Restaurant Industry Conference

An executive has a lot on their plate, and being innovative and progressing with the industry is a necessity. The best aspect of RSummit is we combine the two major functions of a restaurant conference; technology and food. At a food conference they bring all different types of restaurants together, from fast casual to fine dining. National Restaurant Association Convention and Food Conference 2016 are examples of this. They bring well-known Chefs and Mixologists from around the world to keep clients up to date as to what is new, hot and interesting. The goal at food industry conferences is to showcase new food, brands and restaurant industry trends. At conferences such as the NRA Show, they had a specialty cocktail contest where participants had to include Coca-Cola within their recipe. Fun games that get you interested as well as learn new skills.

Restaurant Technology Conference

RSummit is a food tech conference. Which means it combines the food industry, as well as restaurant technology. A technology conference alone showcases new and upcoming apps, machinery and toys. RSummit combines both of these to present technology in the restaurant industry. Our conference will have food technology from restaurant POS systems to food processing technology. We will also include restaurant leadership, and management skills. We cover the entirety of food technology.